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Teacher Dennis Arndt invites you to join him as he endeavors to  study the book of Revelation this spring.  The class will explore the historical, cultural, spiritual, and prophetic aspects of this book of faith and hope.  No cost.  Bring your own Bible.


The Divine Conspiracy

Mary Defini - Room 26 - Starts March 22nd

In an era when many Christians consider Jesus a beloved but remote savior, renowned author Dallas Willard argues compellingly for the relevance of God to every aspect of our existence. Masterfully capturing the central insights of Christ's teachings in a fresh way for today's seekers, Willard helps us to explore a revolutionary way to experience God--by knowing Him as an essential part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the hereafter. This study explores the true nature of the teachings of Jesus in a fresh, relevant light. Based on the Sermon on the Mount, Willard calls Christians into an authentic faith and then offers a practical plan by which we can answer the call to become more Christ-like.  Book cost: $25.00

Precept Upon Precept: 1 Peter

Mary Defini

Are you prepared for suffering? Will trials and persecutions reveal your faith and bring glory to God? Listen to what Peter says to believers enduring tribulations.

Book - $20.00

Room 27


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Rev. Kyle Long - Room 30 

Join teacher Kyle Long as he helps you discover core biblical principles to guide you into an experience of discipleship that will deeply change your life. For those desiring to take steps in their Christian life and discipleship, break free from bondage to the past, and experience healing, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality integrates emotional health and contemplative spirituality. This approach to discipleship will give you powerful pathways to transformation that will help you mature into a faith filled with authenticity and a profound love for God. The $25.00 cost includes the course book and devotion book.


Being Challenge

Join Pastor Yasmel Reyes as he leads you on the Being Challenge, a 40-day journey that will introduce you to the five keystone habits of Jesus and help you put His habits into practice in your own life. This book breaks down the days into habits and challenges you to further your relationship with God through developing and maintaining these five habits. Become closer to God by living the habits that will help you closely follow Jesus with the Being Challenge. Book cost: $20.00.

Disciple Fast Track

With this semester's class focusing on the Old Testament, Disciple Fast Track provides a viable option for busy people seeking comprehensive engagement over time with the entire biblical text. Book cost: $20.00.


Rhythms for Life

Brandon Buchanan - Room 29

Teacher Brandon Buchanan will guide you as you contemplate some important questions: Who are you becoming? And how will you get there? Spiritual transformation is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Each of us has a particular identity, gifts, values, role, and purpose. Our vocation is our identity uniquely lived out before God, bringing our being and doing together. Learn how to live a life that is more aligned with who you are meant to be, and discover spiritual rhythms that move at the pace of grace, and align you with your unique identity and calling in Christ. Book Cost: $15.00

C.S. Lewis: The Great Divorce

Wally Hardy-Room 33

Join teacher Wally Hardy in a study of the  C.S. Lewis book, The Great Divorce, a classic Christian allegorical tale about a bus ride from hell to heaven. An extraordinary meditation upon good and evil, grace and judgment, Lewis’s revolutionary idea in the The Great Divorce is that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside. Using his extraordinary descriptive powers, Lewis’ The Great Divorce will change the way we think about good and evil. Book cost: $15.00

Wednesday Student Celebration

We encourage all middle school and high school students to join us from 6:30 – 8:00 in our Student Ministries Area. As we gather, we have carpetball, ping-pong, 4-square, and foosball happening. We begin our night with a time of worship together, led by our Praise Team. This is always a special time. Worship is typically followed by games or other fun activities. Our groups then divide for a time of learning as we seek to learn more about what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our night ends with a time of worship and closing prayer together. Guests are always welcome, so invite someone to come with you. See you on Wednesday nights as we celebrate together.

Godz Kidz

Megan Brown, Director of Children's Ministry - Room 22

Our top priority of children's ministry is to engage in learning to "love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Matthew 22:37-39, NIV) The motive is that together we will be moved to love God by inciting wonder, love life by provoking discovery, and love others fueling our passions. 
(excerpt from Orange Kids Scope and Cycle, 2022-2023)

Handbell & Choir

Heejung Park, Director of Music Ministry 

Music Ministries at First United Methodist Church supports the worship life of the congregation. There are various ways to be involved, vocally and instrumentally. If you would like more information about these opportunities, contact Heejung Park at


~ Handbell Practice - 5:20 pm for grades 3rd through 8th - Meet in the Bell        Room

~ Adult Choir Practice - 6:30 pm - Choir Room & Sanctuary

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