You're invited to a great time for the entire family. No matter where you are in your walk, we hope to help you discover classes that will grow your faith deeper and help connect you to our community. WNA begins with a meal at 5:45 PM, and classes start at 6:30 PM. Classes are held all around the church. Find out about our classes and their locations below.


Take a Look at our Classes


Rev. Dr. John Kalz

The class will look at how the Christian faith is practiced in different regions of the world, not strictly for information, but also to strengthen our own faith.  The class will be offered via live-streaming.

Conference Room C

Jesus Around the World

A Hop, Skip and a Jump through the Bible

Rev. Dr. Loletuth Kalz

Using “A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Through the Bible” by J. Ellsworth Kalas, we will look at scripture and how it tells, and continues to tell, God’s story with us and the world. Book $7.00

Fireside Room

Precept upon precept: Ecclesiastes and Lamentations

Mary Defini

Conference Room A

Know God Deeply. Live Differently. An in depth look at the meaning of life, God's compassion and hope. Please, pick up a book form the church office. $20 total for two books.

Soul Reset

Room 24

 Soul Reset is a call for the church and all of Jesus’ disciples to reset and reorder their lives around spiritual practices, to learn to walk through our difficult seasons with our souls connected to the source of Living Water so that we don’t burn out or break down. Book $11.00

Richard Sarles

Raising Godly Children in a Chaotic World

Brian & Shannon Hardesty

Parents have the special privilege and calling to guide their children and help them grow into balanced, God-honoring adults. In this study, you'll find biblical support for your journey to raise Christ-centered children. Book $5.00

Room 27

Wokini: A Lakota Jounry to Happiness and Self-understanding

Wally Hardy

This class will teach you about yourself, show you what it means to be happy, and lead you on your own personal journey to feel more satisfied in your life. Book $5.00

Room 28

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 10.46.27 AM.jpg
Hands of Christ Student Ministries

Rev. Ken Hundley

We encourage Middle School and High School students to join us as we celebrate what God is doing in our lives. As individuals and as a group, we strive to seek deeper relationships with Jesus. Meeting from 6:30 to 8:00

Student Ministries Area

Godz Kidz

Room 22

Join us this fall for some awesome adventures in God's Word! If your child is an elementary student, we will be spending our time in activities and Bible stories focused on a core value each month.

Megan Brown

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