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PRESCHOOL class information

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programs offered


The Core Program is our traditional morning preschool program that is designed to meet the needs of families who may have more flexible daytime scheduling or non-traditional working hours. Children who are only enrolled in the Core Program will still receive all they need to prepare them for a lifetime of learning in a Christian-based environment that strives towards educational excellence.


The Full Program is designed to meet the needs of families with more traditional Monday-Friday work schedules who still want their children to have access to high-quality education in a Christian environment. Enrollment in our Full Program automatically includes your child in our Core Preschool Program but also offers opportunities for Extended Learning into the afternoon that are designed to build upon the core concepts taught in the morning preschool class.

Class Tuition

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flexible options

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Payment options and credit card fees


Yearly Fees


  • Enrollment Fee: $155 per child (this fee is non-refundable but will hold your spot in the program)

  • Ac􀆟vity Fee: $150 per child (the fee is refundable should you decide not to send your child before the school year begins)

Payment Opti􀆟ons and Credit Card Fees


  • Tui􀆟tion is charged at an annual rate that can be paid in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installments or by a one-􀆟me payment. We are sorry but we cannot give credit for days missed when on a contract basis.

  • Families op􀆟ng to pay via credit card through Brightwheel will incur an addi􀆟onal 2.95% fee for each transac􀆟on to cover the opera􀆟ng cost of this service.

  • Families not wan􀆟ng to incur fees for tui􀆟on payments will need to set up ACH bank withdrawal through Brightwheel (preferred). In some cases, families can receive approval to pay via check or cash aft􀅌er consulta􀆟tion with the Head of School and Preschool Financial Secretary.

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