Begins at 10:00AM


A chance to connect with people of the church. 

Adult Classes

Adult Form.jpg

Adult Forum

Ages 40-60+ / Gymnasium

The class is currently studying a video series on the life of Jesus. Class members discuss their thoughts and perceptions.


Emissaries of Christ (EOC)

Room 24

The class rotates its facilitators and studies scripture. The class examines various materials, watches videos, and has small group discussions


First Persons

Room 21

First Persons explores the Bible, various books, and topics with a discussion format. 



Young Couples / Class Room 29

This class studies scripture-centered topics. Recent topics include: the Disciples, women of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, pathways of grace, giving, fasting, humility, and generosity.

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Journey with God

Room 26

The group is a diverse mix of married and single persons. This class focuses on what it means to have a relationship with God. 


Love One Another

Ages 35-60+ / Room 28

Love One Another was formed in the early 1980s. The class uses a United Methodist Cokesbury Bible Study series. 



Ages 40+ / Fireside Room

Lesson content is discussed in light of current church and public issues. Discussions vary in intensity; Homework is optional and available.



Ages 30-50+ / Room 27

This class was formed Palm Sunday, 1982. The class covers topics ranging from current life to various characters and books of the Bible.

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Young Adults

Ages 18-30s / Room 32

As the name implies, this class is comprised of some of the younger adults in our church, but they welcome anyone.


Upper Room

Ages 65+ / Room 18

No one person is in charge of the class; instead, members work together like a family helping each other. Members volunteer at different positions in the church, taking serving to a new level.

Student Classes

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Grades K-2

Room 23

Kids K-2 are taught Bible stories that help them find a love for scripture. Children hear a Bible story and have the opportunity to engage in activities that help show faith through play. 

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Grades 3-5

Room 25

Each Sunday School class is curated to the developmental stages of each age group. In this class, students grade 3-5 start talking about how to live their faith practically.


Room 23

Kids K-2 are taught Bible stories that help them find a for love scripture. 

Middle School

High School.jpg

High School

Room 25

In this class, students start talking about how to live their faith in the world.

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